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A history of passion for mechanics and continuous, constant progress lasting more than 50 years.

1959: The current Chairman Rino Montanari, founded “Fratelli Montanari”, a mechanical machining company.

1967: The company moved to the Corte Tegge headquarters and, following the transformation into “Meccanica Montanari”, in addition to the production of accessories for agricultural machinery power take-offs, the construction of the first gear racks began.

1982: The company evolved into the current “GFM” and backing up strategic choices, the production focused on the construction of gear racks.

From that moment a path of constant commitment and development began that led GFM to becoming one of the leading companies in Italy in the production of gear racks. There are two words that have characterized GFM for half a century: quality and technology. Because from the outset the professionalism, the attention to detail and the “craftsmanship” dedicated to making the products have remained in tune with technological evolution.

So still today, if GFM’s soul is linked to the passion for the accuracy of craftsmanship, its body consists of the most advanced technology available in the industry.

Currently GFM, led by its founder Rino Montanari and his three sons, builds its own products within the 4500 Sq. M. of the Corte Tegge facilities, making use of the experience and professionalism of 47 employees.

From the mid-eighties GFM began to make itself known abroad and today the products are exported to various European Union countries.

Elements that have always made us stand out:

Continuous Research and Development

Customized products

Respecting delivery times

Quality Control

Customer Service

We are always available to answer questions,
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